The progression from document-based to digital model-based processes are described in a comprehensible way. You gain a clear vision of the dimension of this paradigm shift and the logical steps needed to restructure your own way of working.

Oliver Zirkelbach
Oliver Zirkelbach, BIM-Manager, BFB Architekten AG

The challenges of digitalisation in the construction industry demand an understanding of terminology and technology, as well as knowledge of the related workflows. Mark Baldwin describes this extremely well in his book. Easy to understand, the book presents the context and processes around BIM in a structured and vivid way.

Claus Meier
Claus Meier, Team leader, Construction and BIM, EBP Schweiz AG

The BIM Manager is an excellent summary of the current understanding of Building Information Modelling and related processes. It draws on the latest developments from buildingSMART and the global industry, referencing well-known examples. Anyone who wants to take on the role of BIM Manager must read this book… ” a must have book”.

Agron Deralla
Agron Deralla, BIM Manager, AllesWirdGut Architektur, Vienna