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By Mark Baldwin 3 years ago
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Where does Switzerland stand on the subject of BIM?

Did you know that the Federal government launched a digital strategy in April 2016?

The aim of the “Digital Switzerland” strategy is to position Switzerland as an innovative and future-oriented economic and research location in the digital age.

A digital scorecard has been developed assesses the Switzerlands readiness for digitalization in different sectors. We are already very well positioned in the Infrastructure and International Competitiveness sectors, but the so-called ‘Industry 4.0’, with a score of 18%, still has potential for development.

Here, the topic of Building Information Modeling plays an essential role for the construction industry.

From a Swiss point of view, there are various networks and committees dealing with digitalisation and to which one can orient oneself.

Netzwerk Digital (the Digital Network) is a platform representing key industry associations, SIA, CRB, KBOB, IPB and Bauen digital Schweiz that was founded in december 2016 with the aim of coordinating the digital transformation in the planning, construction and real estate sectors.

In late 2017, the Swiss Engineering and Architectural Association (SIA) published their BIM Whitepaper on BIM (Merkblatt 2051). The SIA also has a Central Commission for on BIIM.

Bauen digital Schweiz (Building Digital Switzerland) is a interest group for all companies and associations relating to the the construction sector. The purpose is to show best practice across the entire value chain and to create appropriate guidelines and templates for the industry. Recently, Digital Switzerland has released a series of resources and practice guidelines. Among other things Switzerland maturity model (Stufenplan), as well as a guidelines for BIM execution plans and contracts.

Last but not least there is the buildingSMART.

BuildingSMART is the organization that develops the world’s openBIM standards. Among other things, the IFC. Many of the specifications from buildingSMART are ISO standards and are further standardized by CEN and thus also relevant for Switzerland. Switzerland has its own buildingSMART Chapter, through which we are represented in the various groups and can therefore also influence them.

When the “Digital Switzerland” strategy was launched in April 2016, Federal Councilor Doris Leuthard said the following, I quote:

“Digitalization is a reality, here and now. The conditions for Switzerland to master this change successfully are in place. We have very digital digital infrastructure, we are well educated and we are innovative.”

And in the area of ​​BIM, I think we are also on a positive path.

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