Five BIM concepts in 2 minutes: BIM, openBIM, IFC, LOD, LOI

By Mark Baldwin 3 years ago
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BIM, building information modeling, refers to the use of digital models to support the design, construction and operation of buildings.

2 openBIM

openBIM describes a method of BIM based on open exchange standards. These support communication between project teams using different software tools. For example, to transfer a model from Autodesk Revit to Allplan.


IFC is an exchange format that is at the heart of openBIM. If an architect wants to share his model, he has to make an IFC export from his modeling software, which he can then pass on to other planning partners.

4 LOD – Level of Detail or Development

Level of Detail or Development describes the geometric detail of a BIM object at different phases. It is a BIM convention that replaces tradtional conventions of  drawing scale. Instead of 1: 100- 1:10, we talk about LOD100-LOD500.

5 LOI – Level of Information

The Level of Information, or LOI for short, describes the information content of a BIM object at a specific time in the project. LOI refers to the properties of an object; for example, dimensions, material specification, insulation, or the costs of the building element.

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